Abhishek Sharma
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I am Abhishek Sharma

An engineer by core and a management consultant in terms of profession, working through energy, digital and technology.

Mystery & Suspense  intrigue me, so I write mystery & suspense

Travel | Photograph | Montage, that's something I do

Life teaches us, so that's another thing i write

No doubt ,it's beautiful above, and I delve into astronomy.



Energy | Digital | Technology - defineideas


We need the energy to support growth. The path goes through using technology and going digital
The Resources on our planet are limited, over -exploitation leads to environment degradation.


Mystery & Suspense - whoitwas

Again.......... Rain

There is always some Mystery & There is always some Suspense.


Life, Emotions and in Between- tiringtobehuman


It is only now that we are realizing the importance of the fact that it is not just the human body that needs care but it is also the human mind needs care.


Travel| Photograph | Montage - shadesoflens

It is Vast


Dr. Carl Sagan said, " It is a vast universe and it will be an awful waste of space, if its just us "


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sphericalinsight is a collection
of my various works.


About sphericalinsight

It is by the name sphericalinsight that I share my works.

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